libusb > WinUSB bridge [Current version: 0.2]

This libusb wrapper is outdated. Current version of libusb (1.2.0 and higher) are fully functional on 64 bit Windows Vista and 7. You only have to update the driver, e.g. by installing the "PSP Type B" driver from PSPdisp v0.6 or download the driver in the download section.

PSP related tools like PSPLINK and RemoteJoy (Lite) depend on an unsigned libusb driver. With this replacement for libusb0.dll they can be run on 64 bit version of Windows Vista and Windows 7 without deactivating the driver signature enforcement by redirecting the libusb calls to WinUSB.


Download the archive below and extract it. Then please refer to the file "readme.txt" in the "bin" subdirectory for further instructions.


Signed libusb driver, works out of the box on Windows Vista and 7. Using this driver instead of lwbridge is recommended. (130 KiB)

PSP_Type_B_Driver_1.2.6_x86_and_x64.exe (239KiB)

This software is licensed under the BSD license. Full source code is included. (6303 KiB)

Older unsupported versions: (6303 KiB)


- implemented libusb return error code for usb read/write timeouts
- fixed incorrectly set timeout values

- initial release


Please send questions and comments to Make sure to read the readme file first.