Adventure Game Studio Runtime for PSP [Current version: 3.21 R9]

A port of the Adventure Game Studio (AGS) External link runtime engine to the PlayStation Portable. At the moment games made with AGS version 2.50 or higher and low resolution are supported.

Demo video

A short video showing Gemini Rue being played on version 3.21 R3.


This software is licensed under the Artistic License 2.0. Instructions on how to run AGS games with this engine can be found in the readme.txt file. (1886 KiB)

Important! For midi playback you need GUS patches. I recommend downloading "Richard Sanders's GUS patches" External link from the Allegro website External link. The file has to be renamed to "patches.dat" and placed in the Eboot directory.

The source code is available on Github: External link.

If you want to help with development of AGS, check out the official engine release thread External link and the AGS Engine Development Forum External link in general.

Older unsupported versions: (1493 KiB) (1491 KiB) (1461 KiB) (1334 KiB) (1480 KiB) (1478 KiB) (1355 KiB) (1353 KiB) (1353 KiB)


Changes in R9
- Reduced memory footprint which should allow more games to load
- Various bug and compatibility fixes

Changes in R8
- Added support games made with AGS 2.5x
- Various bug and compatibility fixes

Changes in R7
- Added the flashlight plugin
- Various bug and compatibility fixes

Changes in R6
- Added support for games with version 2.60 and higher
- Integrated the MOD player again
- Various bug fixes

Changes in R5
- Added support for version 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 data files
- Lower memory footprint due to removal of the MOD player and the hq2x3x filter
- Increased scrolling speed in the launcher
- Various bug fixes

Changes in R4
- Added midi music playback
- Extended the sound cache to include WAVE files

Changes in R3
- Added support for external engine plugins
- Added AGSBlend and AGSSnowRain plugin

Changes in R2
- Added option to clear sprite cache on every room change
- Fixed memory leak in the sound cache

Changes in R1
- Added option to use additional 4 MiB of memory from partition 5
- Fixed crash on saving games
- Sprite cache size is not read from the configuration file anymore


Please send questions and comments to Make sure to read the readme.txt file first.