Abuse-SDL for PSP [Current version: 0.8 R1]

A port of Abuse-SDL for the PSP. Abuse External link is a side-scrolling action game from CRACK DOT COM that was released into the public domain. This PSP port is based on the SDL port for Abuse. Only the PSP executable is available on this site. The data files for the shareware and the full version are available on the official site of Abuse-SDL External link.


This software is licensed under the GNU General Public License. PSP binary and source code is included in the download. Instructions can be found in the README.PSP file.

abuse-0.8-psp-r1.zip (1541 KiB)

Datafiles are available on the Abuse-SDL website External link. Look for abuse-0.8.tar.gz External link.

GUS patches to enable midi playback are available from the SDL website External link.

Older unsupported versions:

abuse-0.8-psp.zip (1537 KiB)

abuse-0.7.1-psp-r2.zip (1683 KiB)

abuse-0.7.1-psp-r1.zip (1681 KiB)

abuse-0.7.1-psp.zip (1360 KiB)


Changes in 0.8 R1
- Improved stability after resuming the PSP

Changes in 0.8
- Updated to the latest Abuse revision

Changes in 0.7.1 R2
- Added midi music playback

Changes in 0.7.1 R1
- Switched playback code to SDL_mixer
- Added support for WAV file music
- Increased the amount of concurrently playing sound effects to 50 (this essentially removes the limit)
- Reactivated audio panning, sound effects are now played in stereo

Changes from Abuse-SDL 0.7.1 in the initial release
- Builds from a standard PSPSDK makefile without configure
- Reactivated the Lisp memory manager to gain garbage collection back on the temporary space
- No Lisp cache is created on disk
- Set a limit to the number of sound effects that are played at once for performance reasons
- Moved the audio resampling code to be executed once on loading instead of every time the sound is played
- Removed the audio panning code
- Added code to fade in and out the sound effects to prevent popping noises
- Changes to the event handling code to suit the PSP controls
- Replaced libc file functions in jFILE and some other places with sceIo* to enable suspend mode
- Disabled network
- Added code that replaces messages containing key and mouse commands with the respective PSP controls


Please send questions and comments to software@jjs.at. Make sure to read the README.PSP file first.